Access Your Yoga is a Minnesota-based 501(c)3 nonprofit which fosters well-being and empowerment by providing yoga and mindfulness programs in communities that don't have regular access to these practices.

We connect highly skilled and motivated teachers with our partner organizations to create sustainable yoga programs for those who would normally lack access throughout the Minneapolis - St. Paul metro region.

At Access Your Yoga we believe that all people should have access to yoga in their community. Together with our partners, we work to eliminate barriers such as income, child care, and transportation, so that everyone has the opportunity to experience the benefits of yoga.

Access Your Yoga offers:

  • Teachers who are dedicated, highly trained professionals
  • Teachers who instruct from a trauma-informed perspective that promotes empowerment, empathy, and understanding
  • Teachers who are committed to building relationships with both organizations and clients to promote wellness among the community
  • Adaptable yoga for all communities
  • Research-based best practices
  • A safe space created through inclusive language and clear, simple, predictable sessions


Katie Oberton, MSW, LICSW


Katie has over 8 years of experience working in the nonprofit sector. She obtained her Master of Social Work degree in 2010, and has since worked in mental health programs, care coordination, and providing individual and group therapy.

Katie has been a certified yoga teacher since 2013. She has taught yoga in local nonprofits, and she enjoys seeing the benefits of yoga for people of all backgrounds and abilities. Katie has completed trauma informed yoga training, prenatal yoga teacher training, and has obtained a certificate in maternal mental health.

Scott Stroeing, RYT 200


Scott has over 8 years of experience working in youth development, and continues in this direction as he currently pursues his Master of Social Work degree. Scott is a licensed teacher who is dedicated to providing the best opportunities to youth from all backgrounds.

Scott completed his 230 hour yoga teacher training certificate in 2013, and has since partnered with local nonprofits to provide yoga to their participants. Scott has a passion for providing people with tools that assist them in becoming the best versions of themselves. Scott truly cares about all people and the he cares about providing all people with opportunities that makes their lives better.

Megan Doll, MA, E-RYT 200


Megan first started teaching yoga at Yoga to the People in New York City in 2007. At the time, a single low-profile studio on St. Marks Place, YttP has since grown into the largest donation-based studio in the country. In 2011, she moved from NYC to Minneapolis to open Your Yoga with her partner David Frenk.

A passionate student of yoga, she has helped facilitate a range of teacher trainings, including a Trauma-Sensitive Training which will launch in Fall 2016. Throughout her nine-year teaching career--with Yoga to the People, Your Yoga, and now Access Your Yoga--Megan has been committed to making the transformational power of yoga affordable and accessible.

David Frenk, MA, E-RYT 200


David is the cofounder of Your Yoga in Minneapolis. A student of meditation and yoga for over fifteen years, he has been teaching since 2007. David is also the founder of OmBase, a company that provides community building software solutions for the wellness industry.

David was also the founding director of Better Markets, a Washington, D.C. 501(c)3 created in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis to support the financial reform of Wall Street and make our financial system work for society.

Femi Akinnagbe, MSC, RYT 200


Femi Akinnagbe received his Masters of Science degree in Physiology, Biophysics and Complementary and Alternative Medicine from Georgetown University, and is a nationally certified massage therapist. Currently, he is a medical student at the University of Minnesota where he hopes to serve as a bridge between Eastern and Western healing modalities for both mind and body.

Femi completed his 200-hr yoga teacher training at Your Yoga in 2014, and is currently enrolled in the 2-year long Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training through Spirit Rock insight meditation center in Woodacre, CA to receive his 500-hr yoga teacher certification.

Jamie Larson, MS, RD, LPCC


Jamie is a psychodynamically oriented therapist working in the greater Minneapolis area at Cabot Psychological Services in Edina. She works with adults and older adolescents to facilitate a greater understanding of the struggles in their lives and to move towards healing through the therapeutic relationship. She uses traditional talk therapy interventions, as well as body-based interventions grounded in her yoga training and sensorimotor psychotherapy training.

Interested in partnering with Access Your Yoga? Please contact us

Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners

Since October 2016, Access Your Yoga has provided weekly yoga classes at Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners, a Plymouth-based organization which has been serving families in need since 1979. Each week, we offer on-site classes to help combat the acute stresses of housing instability and food scarcity.

Minneapolis Police Department, 5th Precinct

Since 2016, Access Your Yoga has partnered with the Minneapolis Police Department to offer weekly yoga classes for officers at the 5th Precinct. In high-pressure environments like police work, mind-body stress reduction practices—such as yoga—have been shown to help workers improve performance, enhance communication with the populations served, and increase safety

Guild, Inc.

Guild Incorporated works with individuals who have a diagnosis of a serious and persistent mental illness. In December 2016, Access Your Yoga was asked to partner with Guild to help participants discover and develop their strengths, abilities, interests, and aspirations, so that they can move along their path of recovery. The staff at Guild recognized that yoga and mindfulness are evidence- based practice that would help their participants heal holistically.

Bolder Options

Since November 2016, Access Your Yoga has provided yoga and mindfulness classes at Bolder Options, a nonprofit mentor program which pairs at-risk adolescents with caring adults. As part of the program, mentors and mentees participate in a range of activities together, and the yoga sessions help provide a fun, calming experience where participants can carve out some peace and relaxation.

Office of Educational Equity in ISD 622

In August 2016, Access Your Yoga provided a mindfulness training to a diverse group of students seeking to be leaders in educational equity and social justice in their high schools. These students were participating in a program to empower youth who want to combat microaggressions and other oppressive practices that take place in institutions like public schools. The training allowed student leaders to work on self-care and mindfulness practices to support their advocacy work.

Tubman Family Crisis & Support Services

In 2014 & 2015, Scott and Katie brought yoga and mindfulness practices to participants that were staying in Tubman’s domestic violence shelter. Tubman’s shelter offers safety to individuals and families experiencing domestic violence. Access Your Yoga saw an opportunity to create a space for participants to find relief from the stresses of their situation through yoga and mindfulness practices. Sessions were tailored and sensitive to the past experiences of participants at the shelter to ensure a safe and calming experience.

East Side Neighborhood Services

In 2014 Scott taught yoga as a guest visitor at Menlo VIBE, an afterschool program for teens at an alternative high school in North East Minneapolis. Scott created a calm, safe, and fun environment for teenagers to try yoga for the first time. The program enabled students to try something new, build body awareness, and take a healthy break from the stress of school and life.

Access Your Yoga

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